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Tax law practice of the law firm «Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners» provides our Clients with complex legal support in relations with tax authorities, including tax audits, appeals of its results, advises on tax issues, any kinds of tax disputes.

This practice also works in cooperation with our litigation practice to allow protect our Clients’ interests in courts on any tax issues.

To establish tax relationship between citizens and government help legal mechanisms that attorneys of the law firm «Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners» effectively applies for the solution to any problematic situation of our Clients. A tax lawyer will analyze a particular tax transaction and evaluate the possible risks, draft the plan of taxation in whole, provide legal assistance in the audit processes and protect your interests in proceedings with regulatory authorities.

Legal advice on taxes will help you to structure and optimize the taxation. Our law firm has a successful experience of solving legal tax issues.

Since 2014 Managing partner Oleksandr Skliarenko is a member of the Board of the Public organization "Tax Advisors Association", which unites leading experts in the field of taxation, auditors and judges, specializing in tax dispute resolution, which allows efficient exchange of experiences in matters of the tax law

Attorneys and partners of our law firm will provide competent legal assistance in resolving tax disputes, respecting confidentiality and the legitimacy of legal actions, as well as provide full support at all stages of administrative and judicial proceedings.

Effective legal remedies should consult qualified attorneys in tax disputes. The law firm «Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners» will help you to successfully resolve disputes with tax authorities or law enforcement authorities, making it at the optimum time and on a high quality level.

Our services in tax law include:

- Tax audit support;

- Tax advices;

- Tax planning;

- Corporate tax advices during corporate restructuring and transactions;

- Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes.


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