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Our attorneys are recognized experts in the field of the criminal law and procedure.

Since December 2014, our partner Andriy Sydorenko heads the relevant Committee of the Ukrainian Advocates' Association. Based on the results of the research "Client's Choice" conducted by the "Legal newspaper" in 2015, Andriy Sydorenko is among the most recommended attorneys on criminal law and process in Ukraine.

Our attorneys in criminal law participated in the drafting of the Declaration on the protection of human rights in criminal proceedings, which was published in 2015 under the auspices of the EU project "Support of reforms in the sphere of justice in Ukraine".

We are proud to inform that professional journals willing to publish articles, comments and interviews of our criminal attorneys. Our professionals are also regularly invited to speak at various forums and round tables devoted to the criminal law and procedure’s issues.

Our attorneys have an extensive judicial practice on fraud criminal cases, the practical experience of protection of Ukrainian politicians and top officials in high-profile cases as well as conduct cases of tax evasion, fictitious entrepreneurship, fraud, taking of property, raider captures of the enterprises, money laundering, abuse of authority, bribery (unlawful benefits), non-enforcement of court decisions, and many others.

Our experienced attorneys will evaluate all the risks and draft the right defense strategy for Clients and their business.

We provide services to the business and individuals at all stages of the criminal process, in courts and preliminary investigation stages.

We offer to our Clients the following services of criminal attorneys:

- complex business protection from criminal risks;

- protection of our Clients regardless of their procedural status (suspect, accused, witness, victim) with the drafting and implementation of the full plan of activities;

- mitigation of the risks of confiscation and special confiscation, seizure, release of assets from seizure;

- emergency Clients protection in the course of separate procedural actions (searches, interrogation, detention, inspection of the scene).


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