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The practice of private clients of the law firm «Skliarenko, Sydorenko and Partners» provides a full range of services for private Clients on all issues arising both from the marriage and family relations and on issues of capital management, structuring of assets, and inheritance.

Our law firm will provide advice on the structuring of private equity, provides full legal support of processes of division of assets and property, drafts a strategy to increase financial and tax efficiency of our Clients personal assets and businesses.

Also attorneys and partners of our law firm to give advice on personal matters. Our partners and attorneys will help to determine the most profitable option of buying property on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, will calculate the legal aspects of taxation in the process of buying and selling properties, control financial transactions and support in management of the acquired entities and/or assets.

Also we will support in the divorce process and related matters as well as solve your financial disputes in the process of divorce.

All information obtained in the process of legal protection of our clients is strictly confidential, including closed for internal access except the attorneys supporting the Client.

Yulia Stusenko, partner who heads the private clients practice, has unique practical experience in international structuring, private capital, legal support in the structuring and division of a family business, as well as the issues of marriage and family relations and inheritance.

The services of our private Clients practice include:

- Drafting of schemes for the international structuring of private capital;

- Establishment and legal support of non-resident companies for the structuring of family business;

- Structuring, division of family business, drafting of schemes of corporate structure for the family business and private equity;

- Drafting of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements and contracts on the actual joint residence;

- Divorce proceedings;

- Disputes on division of family property;

- Disputes on the custody of children;

- Drafting of wills;

- Hereditary issues, including inheritance disputes.


Key partner – Yulia Stusenko 

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